Member Protection

Seacliff SLSC is committed to keeping Children and Young People safe at all times. At Seacliff SLSC you have several people you can confidentially speak to regarding a concern around Child Safe Reporting and the welfare of Children and Young People.

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) provide information and guidance on complaint procedures, playing an important role in sport. MPIO are a proactive way of managing the rights of members in your sport and by having a dedicated person in place who is well versed with your sport’s member protection policy, can help members who want advice on concerns, complaints or member protection matters.

These officers are fully qualified by attending all relevant training and will maintain member confidentiality. If you have any concerns or complaints, please email and one of the Seacliff representatives below will be in touch to discuss your concerns.

The following information can be found in Surf Life Saving Member Protection Policy documents:

  • SLSA Member Protection 6.05
  • SLSA Privacy Policy 6.02
  • SLSA Complaints Resolution Policy 6.06
  • SLSA Child Safe Policy 6.04 and SA Addendum
  • SLSA Child Safe Commitment 6.04A
  • Child Safe Guideline
  • Child Safe Code of Conduct

In addition the following documents below can also be found in The Club constitution 

  • Page 14 Code of Conduct
  • Page 41 Code of Behavior

Member Protection Officer

Janelle Scrivener

Janelle Scrivener

Member Protection Information Officer

Mobile: 0438 215 215

Your first point of call in our Club for enquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment, abuse or other inappropriate behaviour.

Janelle can provide information and guidance on complaints procedures.

Child Safe Officers

Your first point of contact for concerns about children or young person (CYP)

Cieran Stapleton

0478 302 425

Alice Everitt

0438 780 311