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Swim Squad

The Seacliff Surf Club would like to welcome you to our swim program.  The club has agreed to support our junior and senior swimmers through a professionally coached swim program, aiming to improve the fitness, swimming ability and competitive results of our members.  We look forward to seeing you at training sessions and on the beach in a black cap!


Our junior and senior groups are coached by Ryan Bennett.  Ryan is an “Australian Swimming Coaches and Training Association” swimming instructor and has been a national level competitive swimmer himself.  Ryan is passionate about teaching our juniors and helping our senior group to achieve their fitness and competitive goals.

Standards for swimmers (these will be assessed by our coaches):

Beginner: Must be able to swim 50m freestyle (continuous with reasonable technique).

Level 1: Must achieve 100m freestyle in a time of 2’30”.

Level 2: Must achieve 100m freestyle in a time of 2’00”.

Competition: Must achieve 100m freestyle in time of 1’45”.

Explanation of Standards:

Beginner: The achievement of the minimum standard will ensure that swimmers that come to our squad can keep up with the sessions set. Our coaches can recommend some learn to swim classes which can also be accessed at the Westminster pool.

Level 1: Achievement of this standard will mean that these swimmers are promoted up a lane during the evening sessions and the distance and intensity of the swim sets will increase.

Level 2: Achievement of this standard will mean that we strongly encourage these swimmers to attend at least one morning session with the intent of transitioning to the morning squad. If this is not possible then it is the intent to have these swimmers in the evening session lane with the adult fitness group.

Our coaches will schedule monthly time trial sessions where we can gauge the improvement of the swimmers, aiming to progress the juniors through the ability levels.

Fitness Group: We acknowledge that we have a reasonably large group of adult (and some young adult) swimmers whom want to maintain some swimming fitness. We will continue to cater for this group in both our evening and morning sessions; however as a club we will direct our coaches to concentrate on the development of the junior group.

Pricing and suggested session plan:

Junior (Beginner, Level 1): 2 sessions Mon, Wed evening:              $50/month

Junior (Level 2): 2-3 sessions Tue, Wed, Fri morning:                      $60/month

Junior Level 2 not attending morning:                                                $60/month

Fitness (Adult 2 sessions evening or morning)                                  $70/month

Adult Competition: 3 mornings:                                                          $80/month

Casual attendance will be noted on the attendance sheet:               $10/session

Invoicing and Billing:

All monthly fees will now be invoiced at the start of the month for all swimmers signing up to monthly billing. Casual swimmers will have their attendance noted on the sheet as a casual swim and will then be billed for the number of sessions attended (X $10) at the start of the following month.

All swimmers (or their responsible guardian) will have to submit a membership form and importantly supply an email address for billing purposes. If a member wishes to cancel their swimming membership the club will require one months notice via email to the swim squad coordinator email: mattcaz1@bigpond.com

e.g. I’m going to Tahiti for the month of June (cos it’s cold in Adelaide and Tahiti has better waves!). I need to email the swim squad coordinator by the end of April to cancel my membership for the month of June.

This new approach will allow the club to simplify the invoicing process and avoid any confusion around attendance.

Session Times

Tuesday Wednesday and Friday mornings 5:15am-7:00am.

Monday night 6:15-7:30pm.

Wednesday night 6:45-8:00pm.


Matt Collopy, Junior Coach

email: mattcaz1@bigpond.com

Mobile: 0437 185 167

Bly Bayliss, Club Captain

Mobile: 0425 532 542

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