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Swim Squad

Seacliff SLSC would like to welcome you to our members only swim program. The club has agreed to support junior & senior swimmers through a professionally coached swim program, aiming to improve the fitness, swimming ability & competitive results of our members.

This squad is subsidised through sponsorship & the club & will not continue without member support. We look forward to seeing you at training sessions & on the beach in the black cap.

Joining this squad will ensure that all swimmers are challenged, fit, learning more about swimming & preparing for the season of surf lifesaving. The benefit is it keeps the members engaged with their surf mates and around other the club members.

Gaining fitness & strength will benefit with surf swimming, board paddling & is a great way to enhance other training.


Our junior & senior groups are coached by Jack Thiele, Hayley Hosking, Bly Bayliss & Deb Lasscock. All the coaches are fully accredited & Ryan & Hayley competitive swimming experience.

Bly Bayliss coaches the morning sessions, he is a fully accredited swim coach and has many years of experience. Our coaches are all passionate about teaching our juniors & helping our senior group to achieve their fitness &
competitive goals.

Westminster School swimming centre, 1/23 Alison Avenue, Marion SA 5043

Session Times:
Please note the session times below indicate times the sessions start in the water, please arrive 15 minutes earlier to warm up & get ready to start
Monday Evenings 6.30 – 7.30pm
Wednesday Evenings 6.45 – 7.45pm
Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings 5.30 – 7.00am
Any changes will be advised via your nominated email.

Standards for swimmers (these will be assessed by the coaches)

The sessions are not learn to swim, this is squad training & each swimmer will be assessed (regularly) & allocated to a lane appropriate to their ability & that of the others who attend the session.

A beginner must be able to swim 50m freestyle (continuous with reasonable technique).

You are welcome to attend 2 free come & try sessions where the coach will assess your ability in the pool.

Fitness Group

We acknowledge that we have a large group of adult (& some young adult) swimmers whom want to maintain some swimming fitness. We will continue to cater for this group in both evening & morning sessions, however as a club we will direct our coaches to prioritise the development of the junior & competition group.

This means if there are a lot of kids at the training session the coach will write a program up for you to follow but will spend more time focusing on the needs of the younger swimmers.


All fees must be paid monthly in advance. This will assist the coaches to plan programs & sessions, encourage you to commit to the sessions and ensure you achieve the most from your swimming with Seacliff SLSC.

Everyone is encouraged to join up on a monthly plan, to ensure the club can
– Pay for lane hire
– Pay for coaching
– Ensure coaches can provide the best program for all swimmers

Casual Attendance $100 card for 10 sessions

This card can be purchased through the Members Portal, show the receipt to the coach and they will give you the card at the session.

Juniors (up to under 13s) $60 per month

2 night sessions per week &/or 1 morning session per week (to swim morning sessions you must be able to swim 100m freestyle in 2 minutes. This will be tested.)

Seniors (over 14 year olds) $80 per month

Any combination of evening & morning sessions

Payment of Fees

All monthly fees must be paid into the nominate bank account (details below) by the 25th of each month. The onus is on the swimmer to ensure the payment is made. No invoices will be issued. A list will be generated monthly & given to the coaches to mark attendance.
You will not be able to swim if you haven’t paid or you don’t bring a Casual Card.

Bank Account Name: Seacliff SLSC
BSB Number: 035-045
Bank Account Number: 409619

All swimmers (or the responsible guardian) will be required to complete a membership form & supply a current email address. If you want to cancel swimming membership the club will require two weeks’ notice via email to the swim squad coordinator email: blybayliss@gmail.com.au

The terms are subject to change at the discretion of the Management Committee and all members will be advised via email. The onus is on the swimmer (&/or the responsible guardian) to contact the Coordinator if anything changes.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns please contact blybayliss@gmail.com.au.

Swimmers will be declined access to the sessions if payment has not been made.

Session Times

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 5:30am-7:00am.

Monday night 6:30-7:30pm.

Wednesday night 6:45-7:45pm.


Bly Bayliss, Club Captain

Mobile: 0425 532 542

Email: blybayliss@gmail.com.au

Swim Squad Registration Form

Please complete and return the form below to Amanda Luetolf at invoicing@seacliffslsc.com.au

Seacliff Swim Squad Form may19

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