Seacliff SLSC – Seacliff Stormies

At Seacliff SLSC we are committed to developing and retaining the young members within our club and ultimately the surf lifesaving movement.  So we have developed the Seacliff Stormies for the under 14s & under 15s, with under 17s also involved.

When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. 

That’s what this storm’s all about.   

Haruki Murakami


Seacliff SLSC recognises the challenges and opportunities available for the youth in the surf lifesaving movement and we aim to provide pathways so they can explore and become involved in a range of areas within surf lifesaving, which they may not have already considered.

When they join the Seacliff Stormies the first award to gain is the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC), this is the award provides the skills to become probationary surf lifesavers to become prepared for active patrolling duties.  The award trains candidates in the following areas:

  1. Rescue skills
  2. First aid & patient management
  3. Resuscitation
  4. A theoretical component exploring safety knowledge & surf awareness

The next award is the Bronze Medallion, the holder of this award is over the age of 15 years and has proved proficient in surf awareness, survival, patrol & rescue procedures, emergency care plus anatomy & physiology.  After achieving the Bronze Medallion there are various other awards to gain to assist in patrolling.

Seacliff SLSC is aiming to provide opportunities to develop youth participation in all areas of club activities including:

Lifesaving Development Training

Competition Junior Activities Officialling

Leadership Coaching

To ensure our members have access & exposure to a wide variety of activities and opportunities that are available through surf lifesaving.

The group trains every Saturday afternoon at Seacliff Beach with the Nippers, training will be varied and interactive with the aim of developing fitness, skills in new craft (mals & skis as they get older), team work as well as exposure and opportunities to try some of the other activities involved in surf lifesaving when the weather permits.

There are various training sessions offered throughout the week including, swimming, running, board paddling, ironperson, skis, gym, first aid, Rescue & Resuscitation and much more.

Surf lifesaving is an activity for life, participants build lifelong friendships, learn skills and relationships, gain fitness and confidence in their abilities, life skills, leadership and most importantly have lots of fun on the journey enjoying the environment.

We are training lifesavers to patrol the beaches so come down and join us, become part of the community and enjoy the awesome club atmosphere at Seacliff SLSC.

For more information contact the Youth Coordinator: