FAQ – Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club



Seacliff is well known for being a fun and friendly club. Some say it is where casual meets competitive as we have a strong history of building athletes who have gone on to Australian and World Titles. The club prides itself on being family friendly whilst providing a social environment for all different age groups. Our youth program has proven very popular as well as our social program that encourages members to participate in restaurant nights, wine tours and theme nights. The club allows people to become as involved as much as they want without being overbearing as we respect that everyone has other commitments outside the Surf Club. Whether you want to just be a social/associate member or you want to learn a new skill, there is something for everyone at Seacliff irrespective of your age.

“I love the family atmosphere within the club. It is a great place for your kids to grow up and make great friends. I truly believe it was the best thing we could have done for our kids, it gave them great confidence and allows them to grow in an atmosphere of true support and comradeship. They have friends from the Seacliff SLSC they will keep forever!”
Andrew Jolly

No you don’t have to become a Surf Lifesaver. Seacliff is a club that prospers on having a wide range of different people having fun and assisting the community in many ways. However, we do have an important surf rescue element to our club and becoming part of a patrol (even helping out in the radio room) does help you meet new people, develop new skills and participate in a very important community service. What we usually find is that new members become interested in wanting to learn to swim and then are interested in the wide range of courses the club offers including first aid, bar operations, etc. Then they decide they would like to give boat rowing a go to improve their fitness or participate in high speed IRB racing. This leads them to undertaking their Bronze Medallion and then a wide range of opportunities open up for them. Many families join so their children can have fun and learn new skills in our club. However, the competitive nature of our club is infectious so we have many parents starting to get involved in our general fitness activities and then go on to learn new skills themselves.

“Seacliff is unique in that it encourages everyone at all levels and that we have one of the most family orientated atmospheres in Australian Surf Clubs” Bly Bayliss

Surf Life Saving offers its members many useful skills, the opportunity to work with a great bunch of motivated people and a great deal of satisfaction. As a member you can expect to:

  • Have a lot of fun
  • Get physically fit
  • Build teamwork skills
  • Be competitive
  • Create a network of friends
  • Perform a vital job in the community
  • Learn life saving skills

Surf Life Saving training, patrolling and competition breeds teamwork and camaraderie. These activities are fun ways to meet and share a common interest with others. Our Club offers training to improve your fitness and develop new skills.

“Seacliff is a very family orientated club and one that has a wonderful history of strong competition, great social events as well as a terrific place to hang out with good friends and family. We have a casual and relaxed atmosphere. I have so many wonderful memories at Seacliff as I have been with the club for 30 years. Some of my most memorable times have been watching our daughter Sarah win her first open state ironwoman & board championships and fantastic post State Titles celebrations back at our club.” Vicki Gregory

Volunteer Surf Lifesavers patrol Seacliff beach on Weekends and Public Holidays between mid October and April. Patrols start from 12 noon and finish at 6pm (actual times vary depending on month of the year).

To become a lifesaver the first award you need to gain is the Bronze Medallion. You have to be 15 years of age for this award. The Bronze Course takes 6 to 8 weeks (approx 4 hrs per week) to complete and includes the ability to swim in the surf, knowledge of rescue techniques with various equipment, first aid, resuscitation, and general life saving methodology.

Active patrol members are then placed onto a patrol roster and are asked to perform voluntary patrols for the Club. Members who perform patrols for the Club are eligible to compete in surf life saving carnivals.

In order to compete in any of the disciplines (boat rowing, IRB racing, swimming, beach sprints, first aid etc) you must complete a minimum number of patrol hours as these competitions are for Surf Lifesavers. Below is a table that summarises membership types and patrol hour commitments.

Active – 16 hours (min)
Life Members – Exempt