2018- 2019 Club Awards – Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club

2018- 2019 Club Awards

2018-2019 Annual Report
August 2, 2019
2019-2020 Annual Report
2019-2020 Annual Report
August 24, 2020

Seacliff Club Awards

 The Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club has a long and proud history that includes a wealth of awards.

2018 – 2019 Club Awards 


Best All Round Club Person Jacinta Day
Most Efficient Patrol Person Derek Bawden
President’s Trophy John Godwin
Captain’s Trophy Vicki Gregory
Coach of the Year Bly Bayliss
Best Open Performance at Aussies U17 Male Beach Relay:

Sam Blyzno, Tim Blyzno,

Nat Drummond, Dylan Taylor

Best Masters Performance at Aussies Andrew Chapman
Best Youth Performance at Aussies Joe McKinnon
Best Performance at World Titles (ILS) Amanda Elson
Best Performed Boat Crew at State Titles The Golden Girls:

Heather Burns, Meredith Wood, Suzette Gloster, Andrea Brebner,

Ben Bedford (sweep)

The Oarsman Award Heather Burns
Best Masters Performance at State Titles Matt Collopy
Best Open Performance at State Titles Tom May
Best Competitor(s) at Surf Rescue Championships Andrew Chapman
Best U19 at State Titles Patrick Fordham
Best U17 at State Titles Cloe Griffiths and Nat Drummond
Best U14/U15 at State Titles Joe McKinnon and Keenan Gray